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As legend has it Merchant Creek Mining Company was founded on the banks of Merchant Creek in Utah in about 1860. There are many gray areas and much unverifiable history in the story as we know it today. We simply choose to keep the legend alive by maintaining our company name as a link to the old west and as a tribute to the many Gold Miner’s from the Gold Rush days of the 1800’s hoping to strike a claim and make it rich by discovering the Mother Lode. Today in remembrance of those who went before us, hence our motto: “By Legend – Makin’ Gold Since 1860”


Today, Merchant Creek Mining Company is a privately held family company. While located in Nebraska we have gold mining ventures in Colorado and Oregon. We are also networked with many other mines and gold miner’s from across the USA.

We have the proven experience of providing industry-leading gold mining and related services to a wide variety of clientele. We’re proud to serve all our current and new customers with a safe and reliable service. We’re available 24/7 to deliver exceptional service. Based out of Nebraska, we operate locally, regionally, or nationwide through our umbrella of mining locations, and cooperative and networking partners and organizations. We’ve been recognized by brand, service, and satisfied customers. When you choose Merchant Creek Mining Company as your “for-everything-gold” company you can be assured on one thing we do: Gold right! Every day! Every time!

A unique and safe way to invest in gold and silver

Our Services Include:

Building and Selling of Gold Prospecting and Gold Mining Equipment
Wealth Protection & Growth
Buying and Selling Gold Ore
Buying and Selling of Raw Gold
Buying Scrap Gold
Buying e-Scrap Gold
Selling Gold Bullion and Coins
Precious Metals
Buy Gold and Silver Bullion
Gold Rush Parties – Pan For Gold

we buy scrap gold

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Merchant Creek Mining Company focuses on providing exceptional services to our customers. As a company, our sole purpose is to make your gold mining and prospecting adventure, or, buying or selling experience seamless, reliable, and profitable. That is what our services offer a broad range from simple buying or selling on a few small gold flakes on up to multi-million dollar gold bullion and coin purchases. The list goes on as the benefits one could avail from Merchant Creek Mining Company are countless. You can always count on our size, strength, and stability for everything gold!
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Merchant Creek Mining Company