Frequently Asked Questions about Merchant Creek Mining Company

Q: Gold mining in Nebraska?

Surprised? Don’t be! While we do not mine in Nebraska, there are currently many active gold mining claims in Nebraska. Predominantly in the northern and western parts of the sate, however small amounts of gold can be found in other areas of Nebraska. Most claims are placer claims. Nebraska in our home base but our mining operations are located in COlorado and Oregon.

Q: How long will you operate the Merchant Creek Mining Company?

We are optimistic the Merchant Creek Mining Company will be in operation for many years to come. The structure of our company leaves the door open to operate in perpetuity.

Q: Can I get a job at the Merchant Creek Mining Company?

Possibly in the future. At the present time we are well networked with other operations and have no current openings.

Q: Has the Merchant Creek Mining Company actually produce gold?

The company has a historical record of gold prostitution. Following the early end to the 2018 Season due to wildfires we anticpate resuming all operations to full scale by spring 2019.

Q: What will happen to the your site once you are through mining?

At the end of the mine life the site will be contoured, topsoil restored and revegetated. We will return the site to a useful purpose and protect the surrounding natural resources. Engineered wetlands will be installed where appropriate to ensure long-term water quality. As for specific uses, we’re open to suggestions, which so far have included a farm, a golf course, a manufacturing site (we’ll have lots of proven, skilled workers), a shooting range, and a wildlife refuge. Let us know if you have an idea!

Q: What type of vegetation will you destroy?

Federal regulation of vegetation disturbance or removal are strictly followed.

Q: What if you just leave after you extract the gold?

First, we are deeply committed to the social and environmental aspects of our country. The amounts of gold we extracts will vary, but it is anticipated that it could be many years or more before extractions small enough to warrant closure would occur.

Q: What is lode gold?

Lode gold is probably what comes to mind when one think’s of gold. It’s actually gold ore that is embedded in, or lode-born in rock or other rock like materials. Generally lode ore is produced by deep mining in cave style operations.

Q: What is placer gold?

In short places gold is gold that over thousands of years has moved away from larger veins of gold in mountainous regions through erosion, water-flow, and changing environmental conditions. It is generally mined in waters and plateau’s by techniques such as dredging, panning, locating and digging depending on a number of factors but predominately the size of the mining operation.

Q: Do you use cyanide or other potentially environmentally damaging checmicals?

No! Our operations are environmentally friendly during mining and in the extraction or processing of any of our gold ore.