Gold Forecast 2019

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At Merchant Creek Mining Company we obviously know about gold. That’s our business. We offer the most secure and trusted source for buying and selling Gold, and Gold and Silver Bullion around the globe. We follow the Precious Metals Markets closely. Namely the Gold Market. By many forecasts for gold prices in 2019 from many dependable and verified sources from around the globe. 2019 will be a bullish year or more of gold prices projected to rise to and/or about $1,360 per troy ounce. That’s great news for gold miners and investors! Be sure to get you FREE Gold Forecast for 2019 below. Also, see our Video Gold Forecast News Page. (updated no less than weekly, or as prominent news occurs)

The top reasons for the increase in gold prices for 2019 and beyond include:
*Central World Banks are acquiring gold at levels not seen in 50 years
*On-going Global instability
*Dysfunction among world government policies
*A weaker U.S. dollar
*Shrinking Gold supplies
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If you’re a gold investor, we have some good news for you! Gold is gearing up for another long term big bull run that may last through 2022.
When the big players, analysts, banks, and publications on a global level are all lining up with a relatively in-depth and similar opinion it’s time to consider investing in gold. Forbes, Goldman Sachs, London Investors, and many more are forecasting a substantial increase in gold price beginning in 2019. Some see gold prices well over $1,600 per troy ounce in the next 2 or 3 years. So, not to sound like the proverbial ads, but this may very well be the best time to invest in gold and other precious metals……at Merchant Creek Mining Company we are counting on the prices increase in gold and are investing and following the gold market news and forecasts……

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