Gold Mining In 2019

Gold Mining in 2019

Regardless of the size of the operation from the big corporate gold mines on down to the single gold prospector mining for gold is always a gamble. While obviously it would seem that the giant corporate mining companies have more at stake than the lone gold miner working his claim, that isn’t necessarily the case. Even today there are Gold Prospectors working their claims as a source of, or perhaps all, of their income for the year.  Gold mining is a high risk, high reward venture regardless of the size or scope of the operation, even for weekend or hobby mining enthusiasts.

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So, having said that, let’s talk About Merchant Creek Mining Company for a bit.  The small company works on it’s own and in conjunctions with, is aligned with, and in a few cases operates with other Gold Miner’s from around the U.S. and in Canada. This increases our chances of success, and it helps the small company remain stable in turbulent times. That’s really the point of this blog article.

I certainly can’t speak for any other Gold miner or mining company but as far as MCM we keep marching forward. As many of our readers and followers remember our 2018 gold mining season was cut short with wildfires beginning in June and over the course of time we lost access to our gold mines until 12/31/2018. So, in this case had Merchant Creek Mining Company not be aligned with other operations, groups, and miners the year would have been a total bust. However, thankfully, we ended the year is a good spot and with anticipation for the 2019 gold mining season.

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And I have to laugh as I talk about 2019! 2019 has thus far been a year or at, near, or above record breaking weather on all fronts. We started out the new year with normal mild. That lasted about one day! Then between locations in Colorado and Nebraska we experienced to cold polar vortex and bone chilling below zero wind-chills and temps for not days on end, but weeks! Week after week we all went into the weekend with hopes for a better week “next week”. Sometimes weather forecasts even suggested it, and then in a matter of hours the extreme cold news would hit the weather wires again. In addition heavy snows, blizzards, and brutal cold in Nebraska and heavy snow in the mountains, blizzards, below normal temps, avalanches, and so on prevented any thoughts of mining for months in Colorado. Last year we were on the mountain in January and rejoiced with good weather, for the most part from there on with the occasional snow that shut us down for a few days here and there, but we moved forward.

That crazy weather cycle continues! Heavy snows in the mountains as late as a week ago in higher elevations. And in Nebraska in March with a little relief from the brutal cold for a few days we were then hit with the cyclone bomb of winter weather and spring mix of heavy rains that in one day changed the face of Nebraska and the lives of many forever. In a few short hours a local area dam broke, a blizzard, heavy rains, and ice storms all hit the area at once. Ice chunks as big as semi trucks broke loose from rivers and streams and catapulted themselves across a large portion of northern and eastern Nebraska destroying anything and everything in their paths. While that didn’t directly affect the MCM Nebraska location we were semi flooded and shut down from operations for an extended period. Water nearly came across the highway. If it would have, we would have been underwater as well. Fortunately it did not.

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So, here it is the27th of May, 2019 and we have just gotten a fair start for the 2019 Gold Mining Season. I’m going forward with hopes and expectations of a good season. We’ve had gold coming in. We have sold a nice amount of gold nuggets and flakes and related gold products. We’re in close touch with our network and we aren’t the only ones who are lamenting the weather and late starts, yet we are all hopeful. Why? That’s the name of the game!

A couple nice nuggets can change the season drastically for the smaller operations or lone gold miners. And they will more than likely come. A good day gold mining can make an entire season! So, it’s’ forward we go! I know that I am confident in a successful season. If you follow along with this blog or on Facebook or Twitter of YouTube you will get to see our Small operation in Nebraska at work as well as news from the mines and from around our network as we move along. It may or may not happen, but depending upon when snow arrives in the mountains that prevents access we could still be running in November. So, even with a slow start we may be granted a weather reprieve this fall! Time will tell! And it will definitely be interesting to see what happens.

We may or may not hit the day that makes the entire season, but that’s ok too! I know that we will succeed and we will be fine! It’s going to be a fun season! Stay tuned!

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