Colorado (CO)

Montezuma County Colorado, in the Rico Mining
District. History of Rico Mining District.Mining in the Rico district has been actively carried on since 1879.The first record of production was 1882.

Oregon (OR)

Baker County Oregon, in the Upper Burnt River
District. It is a large district and includes many localities that produce amounts of both placer and lode gold. Early production began before 1900.

Nebraska (NE)

Nebraska serves as home base for Merchant Creek Mining Company. While we don’t actively mine in Nebraska we’re always busy processing ore, building and selling
mining equipment that we design.

NOTICE: Merchant Creek Mining Company Land, real estate and assets, claims, and property are marked as required by federal and state laws with the discovery mount and corner mounts when needed. A copy of the Notice of Location is included in the mounts. We protect our legal rights!

Merchant Creek Mining Company