Season 2019 Comes To An End

First and foremost I have to thank the Merchant Creek Mining Company Customers, Fans, and Followers! It’s really you all who makes the season fun! Without you, it would just be gold mining. Because of you there are lots of questions, comments, laughs, suggestions and so on. That’s really what makes it worth it in the long run!

Next a huge thanks has to go out to all the Network Partners, Co-op Members, and Associates who work hard behind the scenes to makr it all happen, supply product, and all. It takes us all working together to make this all a success for us all!

And, certainly not last, but a HUGE thank you to all the MCM Customers! You add the value to what goes on at MCM and without you the little company wouldn’t be nearly as fun and exciting!

Merchant Creek Mining Company Season 2019

While I won’t recount all the floods, snow storms, blizzards, rock slides, and other delays and work around’s that this season threw at us, I am happy to report that we had a very successful season! That’s not just measured on amounts of gold found or anything like that. There were no injuries. Only a couple very minor breakdowns, and a few things like that. The price of gold went up. That is really just a bonus. We were going to be making gold regardless. And we still need to always prepare for lower prices and keep costs in check. Sadly I know of those who did not and as a result of over extending themselves with high gold prices, they went out of business. Granted, that’s the American Way and it takes both ends of the spectrum in business to make it all work out. I just wish sometimes that people would prepare first for the unexpected and then worry about profits later.


Fall has taken over the countryside and the temps in the higher elevations have settled into a freezing pattern. We’re off the mountain in good shape. While it’s a break in the action most of us have already begun to think about next year. Not seriously, but just because the mining has stopped it doesn’t mean the business end has. The winter months is where the money comes in and goes out. Anyone who mines gold seriously will tell you the same thing. If anyone thinks that the pressure is off when the season stops, they are misinformed. Paying for everything for the season, preparing for next year, and paying fees, permits, and operating costs has all already begun for next season. While there is no sense in worrying about next year, it’s still a gamble. When gold mining season starts, you start in the hole! No two ways about it!


But, as we closed out the season and close out the year at MCM there will still be gold recovered. It’s time to search for the collectible nuggets and all. There will be small batches of ore run here and there and all along I will be dreaming of success in season 2020!

So, again thank you all! I hope that as we gear up and continue towards next season you will stick around! I can’t promise that we will strike it rich. But, I can promise it will continue to be fun!

Merchant Creek Mining Company