Silver The New BEST Investment

Here’s what I know…. Silver is Golden! And here’s why!

When Egon talks, the world listens! That sounds simple enough. And, it really is. He’s one of, if not the top authorities in the world when it comes to Gold, Silver, and Precious Metals. What Egon says will happen, will happen!

He’s in this for profit. He is well respected and what he says goes.

Physical precious metals are bought for wealth preservation purposes. You buy and own physical gold and silver as insurance against a totally rotten and manipulated financial system which is unlikely to survive in its present form.

If you don’t already own gold and silver, buy now. Don’t be greedy and wait for pullbacks. That way, you might miss the boat totally which doesn’t just mean losing a potential investment gain. No, it means that you will be totally unprotected and unprepared for what is going to hit the world in coming years.

Even if you have to pay up when buying in the near term, that is totally irrelevant. In a few years gold and silver will be multiples of where it is now. And if you store it in the safest vaults and jurisdictions, you will be able to sleep well at night.

In a 09/10/2019 Article this is what Egon has to say:

“There is one spectacular investment opportunity today that virtually no one talks about. It represents less than 0.1% of global financial assets. This investment has a potential upside of 36x or 3,500%. The downside is extremely limited since supply is finite and demand strong. It is selling at around production cost and has a real intrinsic value. It has also been money for thousands of years.

Yes, I am of course talking about silver. It is probably one of the most undervalued investments that you can buy today. Since the top in 2011 at $50, silver went as low as $14 in 2015. But we must remember that silver was $4 in 2002. Many investors have been burnt by silver, buying high and selling low. I heard of investors who bought at $50 as they expected a breakout above the 1980 high at $50. A fall of up to 70% since then obviously hurts but fortunately all silver investors will be amply rewarded in coming years, whatever their buying price was.

If you hold silver today, or if you intend to buy, you are now looking at one of those times in history when an investment is likely to make spectacular gains for an extended period of several years. At some point, probably this year, silver will move up several dollars in a day or two and later tens of dollars. Over the next 5 years silver could exceed $500.”

Therefore since we know that he called the Gold price increase almost to the letter I want to encourage you to think about and explore investing in gold, silver, and precious metals. And do so with the man that calls the shots! Visit now and see all they have to offer. I personally endorse their service and trust level. You will be glad you invested with the world’s best and safest source for gold, silver, and precious metals!

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