Trust The Gold Miner

By, Dave Clark
Gold Miner, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

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Checking the Gold Markets on a daily basis is a necessary part of my livelihood. In my operation as a Gold Miner it’s important to understand the business side of gold as well as the mining and production. It’s a vast business with many facets, risks, and opportunities. Gold has been an economic staple in the world for centuries. Today gold still holds a valuable place on global business, marketing, and economics though it is not the universal global currency driven precious metal that it once was.

I believe sometimes you have to trust the Gold Miner. Not taking anything away from the Global Analyst’s and Market Strategist’s by any means. I follow several of them and heed there advice, or at least take it into account in my own decision making process. That’s important in gaining a full picture of what one might expect to come in the marketplace. However, as a Gold Miner one has to be involved in analyzing every step of the process from turning the dirt and rocks, to market prices, and the sale of gold whether as raw material of the current pure bullion prices. Strategy is key! A move in the Gold Market can mean thousands of dollars one way or the other on a small move.

Gold Pries 2021
XAUUSD Gold Market Price Close /10/13/2020

I continue to believe that in the long term gold prices will move higher. Upwards towards $2,200.00 per troy ounce by late 2021 or so. However in the near and shorter term there will be price fluctuations and I happen to think that the current high near $1,900.00 won’t hold long term and I expect a near term dip back to around the $1,755.00  to $1,800.00 mark.

I also continue to think that it’s a great time to get ready to invest in gold and gold bullion. However there are two factors that would go against my recommending buying gold bullion or coin. 1) The uncertainty that COVID 19 has placed on the market. 2) 2020 is an election year. In a few short weeks my predictions could change a great deal, post election. Stay tuned for that.

I am currently recommending to my customers however to be prepared to buy in January 2021 and the current recommendation holds! And I continue to recommend as the #1 resource buy buying gold and other precious metals. 

As always in the near future I will blog articles on buying raw gold, refined gold, collectible gold nuggets and flakes, and gold bullion. All can be a great way to increase or preserve wealth and it’s more budget friendly than on would think. I have a few regular raw gold customers who over the last year have seen the value of the last year increase significantly. Granted, buying raw gold is not right for everyone. But, holding physical gold is! Markets will move up and down but you hold the physical gold in your possession to do whatever you want with it. There is large portion of gold on the market today is “paper gold”. Therefore it doesn’t really exist and you cannot call to have it delivered to you. If a bank, broker, or market venue goes under they don’t hold, any, or enough gold in their possession to account and pay for the portion your purchased. Essentially, the buyer or investor is left with nothing.

This year we are expanding our presence online and you will be able to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other top social networks. I continue to believe that we will be looking at increasing precious metals and gold prices and values. And I believe it’s important to hold physical gold. For those interested in learning more about buying precious metals bullion and coins I personally recommend For interest in purchasing and holding raw gold as in gold, nuggets, flakes, and gold dust, feel free to contact Merchant Creek Mining Company here, or see more here.

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