We Buy Scrap Gold & e-Scrap

We buy gold in any form! Sell us your scrap gold for the highest prices. We also buy Raw Gold and Gold Ore. Gold is and has been a constant is world economy for thousands of years and is one of the most versatile and sought after materials in the world. It’s ever-increasing in value and is used in forms to trading from simple bartering to Investment IRA’s. We buy gold carat scrap, gold industrial scrap, gold electronic scrap and generally any other gold containing material. Click for more information and FAQ on selling us Scrap Gold

We Buy Scrap Gold – Jewelry – Dental – Medical – Industrial – e-Scrap – More…….

Free Quotes

We look forward to serving you with our fast and friendly, down to service. Our process is simple. We view and assess your scrap gold. We may or may not test it depending on condition and markings. We make you a cash offer. No hassles. No pressure. And, if we discover that your item or items are worth more than scrap in another sales avenue we will tell you up-front.

To get started, call us at  1-402-512-4951or contact us online so we can discuss your situation and answer all your questions.

How To Sell Us Your Gold Scrap

Selling your carat scrap to us is easy. Before we buy your scrap carat gold we will look at it with you and may perform an assay (chemical or other to help determine its purity, and make you a fair offer based on purity, value, condition, etc. We make you and offer and if accepted pay you for the percentage of gold it contains before removing it from your possession.

Sending your old scrap gold or gold jewelry to a online gold and scrap buyer requires a high degree of trust. We work with you face to face. Give us a call or contact us online and we can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Examples of Gold we Buy

  • Gold estate items
  • Gold coins, gold bullion
  • Old Dental Gold
  • Old Gold jewelry
  • Old Medical & Lab Gold
  • Gold earnings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, bands, gold charms, trinkets, etc
  • Broken gold pieces and jewelry
  • Electronic Scrap Gold – E-Scrap, circuit boards, etc
  • Gold flakes, micro-gold, gold ore, gold powder, gold shot, gold nuggets, gold bullion, gold dust

Below us representative of current scrap gold prices. Offers and purchases by Merchant Creek Mining Company are subject to amount, quality, condition, type, etc of scrap gold you want to sell. We offer free quotes and information upfront. No hassles. We’ll even help you decide if selling your gold as scrap is your best option!

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