What’s Up This Season?

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Finally the weather has cleared and Spring is here at all MCM locations. It’s starting to feel like gold mining season for sure! In the next two weeks we should be up and running in Colorado. I’m ready for that!

As usual we will be mining, buying, and selling Gold and Gold ore. But, there is something new and exciting at Merchant Creek Mining Company for 2019. We’ve had several people request a way to experience gold prospecting at home. So, in response we came up with the Merchant Creek Mining Company Gold Rush Panning and Party Kit! Well service actually. We’ll work with you to set pricing and budget for each request and we will furnish everything you need except the water! Just imagine how exciting that will be for your guests! Everyone gets to keep the gold they find!

We can’t guarantee big nuggets in any pan, but we guarantee you will find REAL Gold! And it’s your’s to keep! Hoe about that for excitement?

We’ve got all your needs covered from gold mining and prospecting equipment, to gold flakes and nuggets, and the services to cover your own party or event for a real gold mining adventure that’s fun for parties or family fun!

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