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There are thousands upon thousands of market analyst’s, investors, industry authorities and so on out there that, on a daily basis, offer news, information, blogs, recommendations and suggestions on investing in gold and precious metals. That’s as it should be. It’s important to have good information at your disposal when making decisions in all aspects of our lives. As far as investing in gold and precious metals such as silver or palladium, I think, well no, I believe that sometimes you just have to trust the Gold Miner! That’s where I come in.

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Since you are reading this blog article you have probably already discovered that you are on the website of an actual Gold Miner. And, yes, I really mine my own gold and am networked and partnered with other gold miners and operation throughout the U.S. and in Canada.

There’s a “business side” to the gold and gold mining business. Most people don’t think about that when the word Gold Miner comes up, or when they see or meet an actual gold miner. Thoughts usually got to big nuggets of gold, pack mules, worn floppy hats, boots, streams, gold pans full of gold and the like. That’s all certainly true, but it doesn’t reflect the business aspect of gold mining.

I mine for raw, natural gold. It’s a lucrative and sometimes a very challenging venture. However that’s just the beginning of the journey for gold. And while most don’t have access to their own gold mining claims or gold mines, or they aren’t interested in that part of the gold business, there are several other ways to participate in the thrill and adventures of gold!

In this article I am going to briefly talk about one in particular. That’s investing in Gold and Precious Metals. But, namely gold, because that’s my business. Buying and owning physical gold is a passion for many, and investment strategy for others, and a wealth accumulation and protection tool for people on a global scale. And before I go any further I am going to point out that I am a firm believer in owning physical gold. Yes, there are other ways to invest in gold and you can read a bit about that in this article. But still, in my experience and view as a real gold miner owning and possessing physical gold is the safest way to invest in gold. It’s yours. You own it. You have it in your possession. That’s secure and at your disposal at anytime whether it’s for an emergency or other need or investment you have cash in your hand when you own and possess physical gold.

There is only one broker that I trust to handle physical gold buying and selling. (And bear in mind here that I am talking about refined gold, pure gold, that is generated from the natural raw gold that miner’s like myself extract from the earth.) and that’s Goldbroker.com.

Why? Straight from the Gold Miner Goldbroker.com is the most convenient, safe, reliable, and stable gold and precious metals gold broker on the planet! Period! There are many out there, but I choose Goldbroker.com above all the rest!

GoldBroker.com Review – From The Gold Miner Himself: *Global Service *Secure Storage Options (if you choose not to hold your own gold) *Top Notch Customer Service *You Own Physical Gold (secure delivery) *Exceptional Trust Ratings *Budgets for Everyone *One-time Purchases or repeat business *Offices located Global *Founded by Gold Industry Experts *Easy Account Creation *Free Information *No Hassle – No Pressure sales *Buy back service available *Much more……

I will be the first to admit here that I am standing on my own credentials as a Gold Miner, a Gold Businessman, and as an Investor. I’ve looked at, tried, researched, and utilized many brokers out there and Goldbroker.com is the best, most secure, most reliable, most genuine, and the best there is for buying physical gold and precious metals. Definitely a 10 on the scale of one to 10! And my recommended service for anyone interested in owning gold, silver, or precious metals.

I follow the gold markets and watch and listen to the analyst’s on a daily basis, because that is my business and my livelihood. It’s my income I am talking about. Gold mining is what I do. And I believe what is being said currently. Gold prices are going higher! Some suggest over $1,600.00 per troy ounce. So if you buy now there is a very big likelihood that your investment will increase in value in 2019 and perhaps on through time until 2022! Therefore I recommend both buying gold and silver and holding it physically in your possession. And there is no better brokerage to invest through than Goldbroker.com

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