Why I Like Gold Mining

Why do I like gold mining? To many the seeming obvious answer would be the whole “strike it rich” scenario. And, the truth is gold mining is hard work no matter how you do it, or the size of the operation. While I certainly am not going to give up dreaming about striking “The Mother Lode” that more than likely isn’t going to happen.

From The Late Winter Snows Near MCM

I’ve been blessed to be able to do a lot of things in my life, and, there is just something different about mining for gold. For me, that something is the history! A Gold Miner gets a first hand look at a broad spectrum of history and it’s so interesting to hold a piece of history in your hand and wonder! It’s just impossible not to wonder!

Sometimes I run across a small fossil, perhaps a part of an old arrowhead, spear, or maybe it was part of an ancient tool! It’s hard to tell most of the time. But it’s really cool to more than likely be the first person living to have ever seen it! I just can’t get over that. We live in a world were we have gone from instant gratification to gratification on demand with present technology. We are so fast paced.

Gorgeous Scenery Near MCM

But look at one little insect of plant fossil and you are instantly transcended to a time millions of yeas ago. You have to wonder what it was like. What were the sounds? Was it peacefully quiet? What did the area look like than? The questions are endless. I can look at those little pieces of history for hours and be more excited sometimes than I am about seeing a shinny gold flake or nugget appear in my pan or equipment.

Gold somehow jets you through time to thoughts of the Gold Rush days of the 1800’s. What was it like? Was this spot missed? On and on the questions go.

Left Over From The Gold Rush Days!

There is so, so much you can learn from gold mining……or rock hounding. I don’t really have an interest in rock hounding, yet it’s really cool to see the rocks, and the gemstones. Amazing!

And, now that Season 2019 is in full swing I almost don’t want to be here at, jokingly, Base Camp, for Merchant Creek Mining Company. I could easily disappear into the mountains and the mines and not be seen or heard from until the snow flies again. I am seriously contemplating that for next year! Imagine how much I could learn?! Lot’s, I am sure! The Gold Mining legends lives on generation after generation!

Hoping To Strike It Rich!
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